19.6.1944 Kari Pärssinen from Inkilä to his brother Aarno Pärssinen Tuupovaara

[Kari was almost 11-years old and his older brother was 12]



Inkilä, Monday 19.6.44

Dear brother Aarno!

Now I’m sitting by aunt Mary, in her smallest kitchen. Of course you are worried of me, however, now it is calm. Artillery pounding have not been heard today nor yesterday. In Sunday we were participating a wedding: Korttee’s Toini. Yesterday morning it happened here a thrilling fighting in the air. About 15 bombing aircrafts of the ruskies were sailing from North. They were flying under the clouds.  Suddenly I noticed four shining aircrafts chasing them. The aircrafts of the ruskies were black (or seemed to be black), I went out on the stairs and at the same in the south I saw a Fokker in her shining body. The fokkers began to say RRRR. One of the bombers turned back and began to smoke, and gave the noise Bovvvvouuuhouuuu, and with that its destiny was sealed. I did not saw but only one, however, when the other aircrafts began to howl, I knew, they were burning, too. Today I visited the wife of Koski, and she said that all the other aircrafts were destoyed. So you don’thave to send me Bly revolver, and I cannot send you bly, becauset the post doesn’t function, and I cannot get the bly.  From Karelia it is coming endless rows of cattle. The horses are carrying furnitures. Yesterday evening it came here Matti Pärssinen with his family – they are my second cousins. Aunt Mary left for delivering things to Rautjärvi and puts this letter into a postbox there, where ii is possible to deliver faster. Greetings from Kari and aunt Mary and from grandpa.

Kari Pärssinen Inkilä station

When the post is functioning, please put a letter to me – the address is the same